Google Chrome OS Announced! R.I.P. Windows XP

Last night, Google announced on their official blog the release of an open-source OS, Google

Many of you are familiar with Google’s already released Google Chrome Browser.  Now, everyone’s question about whether Google would come out with a full blown OS has been answered.  I would not want to be Microsoft in this Web 2.0, web app world we are diving into.

The Google Chrome OS is built from the ground up for x86 and ARM chips, perfect for entering the Netbook market which is already rapidly growing.

Consider this.  With the large number of people buying netbooks, most of which run on Windows XP (an 8 year old OS), don’t you think someone over there at Google deserves a raise? Hah.

I’ll be looking forward to see how this progresses.  I sure hope that Google Chrome gets a Mac version soon.

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