Saddest tweet ever…

Nothing brings me out of my 2 year hiatus of blogging like a tweet from @NASAKennedy that just makes my blood boil. See tweet below sent by the folks over at the NASA Kennedy Space Center.

By the time that clock starts counting down again, we will be looking back and trying to figure out how the space program was one of the many backbones that gave us a sense of nationalism. The last time I saw nationalism were the days following 9/11.

The race to space is being continued now by our comrades in USSR along with China who just last month announced they will launch their 5th and longest manned mission for 10 to 15 days in space.

I was born in Florida and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to feel even closer to the space program during the 80’s. I remember when the Challenger exploded and how everyone acted the day after in school. Now it all seems like a such a distant memory.

My only hope is that when that clock starts counting down again, I can share it with my son and give him the same feelings I had growing up as a kid. I didn’t know it at the time, but that feeling was American.

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