Microsoft takes the high road, congratulates Sony

There is a lot to follow these days with the recent launch of Sony’s next-gen console video gaming system, Playstation 4, and the upcoming release of Xbox One. The Microsoft Xbox social team gets two classy thumbs up for this post on Friday (11.15) congratulating Sony on their launch.


Competition couldn’t be more fierce in the console wars between these two tech giants, and the Microsoft social media strategy here was to take the high road and congratulate the competitor in bringing their system to the market first. I am sure any of us in marketing could foresee this as your last post as social media manager… But from the looks of it, the high road is paying off for Microsoft.

To get a gauge on how this approach performed, let’s take a quick look at the numbers this post has generated in less than 24 hours.

  • 136k+ Likes
  • 24k+ Shares
  • 13k+ Comments (wow!)

To give some perspective on this, I went to the Microsoft Xbox Facebook page to briefly audit their post engagement averages. Their majority of posts tend to get under 10,000 likes. Back on June 19th, Microsoft make the biggest announcement since introducing the console itself making gamers all around the world sigh in relief. That posted topped out at 131k likes. Since then, no post has come even close to this recent congratulatory message to their competitor on 11/15.

What’s even more inspiring are top comments by fans. I’ll leave you with some of my favorites below. As a marketing & activation strategy buff, I applaud this stance as Microsoft transcends their own brand and product and enters the world of gaming as a gamer.







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