The Value of Pagerank. Interesting Facts to Bear in Mind

One of the most overrated factors in the world of search engine optimization is the value of pagerank. According to most expert articles about SEO, a site’s page ranking holds great importance especially when one wants to make a lot of money online. It is because your page rank entails not just your popularity as a website following a certain niche, but as your site’s substance and functionality in catering to your audience’s needs.

There are many views and opinions that revolve around the value of pagerank. While a lot of people rely on their pagerank to track the performance of their business, some experts meanwhile say that PR is just one of those SEO myths that only help boost competition among different websites. But how exactly important is your site’s page ranking? Yahoo Answers has some points which you have to consider:

Traditionally, it is the pagerank that plays a big part in establishing the overall value of a website. All websites start from PR 0, and eventually rise to the top, i.e. PR 10. The increase of your page rank depends on how well you market your site in your chosen niche, and be gaining more incoming traffic to your site. You can get more traffic by following the different SEO techniques such as link building, keyword optimization and the like. If you have an ecommerce website, then tracking your stats and pageranks greatly important since you need more clients to serve and support your business.

However, the internet business has grown and ceased to be a popularity contest, and these days you no longer need to have a popular site just to incur profit. You can find some insights in Yahoo Answers that stress the value of a site’s functionality and target, organic traffic, as they are the ones that bring in more money to your site. In this light, you don’t actually need big traffic, as long as your visitors sign up and subscribe to your site’s goods and services.

There are also some sites that don’t do well with high PR. Rather than helping them succeed in the business, they only get lower profits due to the random traffic they receive. Unless they cater to general masses and are supported by sponsors (and can afford to be free sites), these sites would only lose more income, since users would only visit their page and not do anything of monetary value. This can be an SEO myth for some people, but there are actually isolated cases that prove true to this kind of occurrence in the internet business.

In ecommerce meanwhile, page ranking is always included in one’s site statistics. This kind of site needs high page rankings in order to be known in the business, as it not only needs subscribers as well as partnerships with other business sites. If you want to put up an ecommerce site then you should be able to understand the technicalities of page ranking, as people still rely on this factor with regards to tracking the performance of their sites.

The value of page ranking can be an SEO myth for some experts in the online business, but still a lot rely on PR in evaluating their sites. Yahoo Answers has a lot more differing opinions about this subject, so why not go and check them out to gain a better understanding of the value of PR.

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The Value of Pagerank. Interesting Facts to Bear in Mind

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  1. Interesting article.

    I use PageRank as a guide both when I am looking for backlinks and when I am searching for information.

    PageRank is not the end all for SEO but a barometer of sorts that tells you if the site/page is credible.

    For me, profitability really comes down to traffic an conversions.


    Steven Johnson August 17, 2009 at 1:59 pm #

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