what can Jason do?

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Over a 10 year period, I've launched countless online and ecommerce businesses and generated over one-half billion dollars in revenue. I've developed a unique hands-on understanding of what makes a small business succeed and fail.
Atlanta Digital Marketer


I am an online marketer. Every dollar of revenue generated for my own companies and others has been planned and executed through digital channels including search, social and mobile platforms. I'm a programmatic cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion guy, not just a CPM-based traditional media planner.
Atlanta SEM Marketer SEO


The primary area of digital marketing I have been most heavily involved in over the past 10 years is SEM (paid search) and SEO (organic search) marketing. It is through these channels that I have developed a unique approach to meet the rapid needs of small to mid-size businesses.
Web Analytics


I pride myself and my ability to deliver results through the proper gathering and interpretation of data. Analytics allows me to combine my "Don Draper" approach to advertising and marketing with scientific precision and data to back up my crazy ideas.

what people think of Jason Prance

Jason is an unbelievably talented individual. His experience is very deep in so many areas that he would be an excellent employee to wear multiple hats. He has the ability to quickly grasp complex ideas and problems and navigate through to find the best solution.

He is an employee who “gets things done” and is not afraid to get his hands dirty doing day-to-day activities while still keeping the big picture in mind.

I would recommend Jason as an addition to any team that wants a hard-working team player who can take on a variety of projects and tasks.

jj raymond

I’ve worked with Jason on and off for 10 years now. He has constantly pushed me to expand my knowledge, and has become my greatest influencer of online tools, strategies, and concepts. When there were issues with work he was always a rock for me to confide in, and I’ll always be indebted to him for that. His creativity, passion and enthusiasm for online business is infectious. Although we may not work together currently, I know we will have many more business ventures together and I can’t wait to get the next project started.

joe burgess

Jason is one of the most knowledgeable web guru’s I’ve had the pleasure to work for. His skill using the web to get any project done, no matter what the size, is unlike any other. Working for Jason was an enjoyable experience and I hope to work with him in the future.


Jason is very knowledge with every aspect of Online Marketing, SEO, PPC, Website design and just good finds online.. When I first started at VergePoint, Jason was mentor. I knew Jason would have the answer… and he did! I appreciate his willingness to help the team always with a smile…. Jason is a great person to work with at VergePoint.

paula bond heller