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If you want to build strong email relationship with your subscribers, you have to know what they are interested in. The other important thing is to meet their expectations. Just because they subscribed to your email newsletter doesn’t mean that they are absolutely happy with the service you provide. At least you can always do better. That’s why you have to ASK them what THEY want. Occasionally you can include surveys in which your customer may tell you what they enjoy and what they think needs improving about your newsletter. If you want to increase the response rate to your questionnaire, an option is to promise that you will provide participants with a reduced price on items from your company’s inventory or send them specially prepared reports or guides including information that will be useful and interesting to them.

A Profile or Preference page is occasionally offered to subscribers/customers by some wise marketers. This way they will be able to even more personalize communication with their customers and their customers will be happy and grateful because they will see how much they are important for their email publisher. It is obvious that you should always provide quality and targeted content in order to make them stay. However, beside quality content your visitors have to be sure in several more things in order to be your loyal customers.

They have to know the frequency of your email newsletter and the exact date when they can expect your email newsletter in their inbox. If they subscribed to a monthly newsletter they want to receive it once a month and not once a week or “when I have time I will send it” schedule. Like hard copy magazines, you need to designate a time in the month when your email newsletter gets delivered. It doesn’t mean if it is the 1st, 15th or 30th in the month – just stick to that date. If you prefer to specify days instead of times, you may state: “Our Newsletter will be delivered on the last Thursday of the month”.

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