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Google Free Recommendations

Should you be selling a product or a service? The Internet is primarily used to communicate, entertain, educate and research. It is thus no wonder that nonperishable, information-intensive products – including computers and software, books, travel, consumer electronics, magazine subscriptions – are the most popular online products at present. Content-rich sites, subscription-based sites to advertiser-supported […]

Basic Information: Backlinks

What are backlinks? This may sound strange if you are new when it comes to online business. However, to those who have been doing online or home based businesses, backlinks are considered to be the most important tool in online advertising. The use of backlinks is not only an advantage for online entrepreneurs, but is […]

SEO Free Advice

Your IP Address is Your Email Identity. A critical factor for the in-house marketer is the ability that you gain domain control and management. Your domain is a critical piece of the email communications puzzle. If somebody reports you as a spammer, they report your IP address, thus it is critical to avoid sharing IP’s […]