About Jason Prance

Jason Prance is a proud geek dad, lucky husband, entrepreneur and the Internet’s biggest fan since 1993.

During his first job at Media Play in 1996, he printed his own business cards and handed them out to shoppers in need of computer help. This ignited the beginning of his professional career in consulting and the pursuit of a major in Computer Information Systems at Georgia State University in 1997. Once attending college, he started his first company, Digital Threshold, at the age of 18.

Jason began working full-time for a startup company selling audio visual technology. Not long after, they were one of the first companies to sell projectors online through ecommerce websites. We played a major role in putting Sanyo LCD into the US market resulting in a fabulous all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. Two years later we grew the company to 14 million in annual revenue and sold to a publicly-held company. Over ten years later, countless online businesses launched and over one-half billion dollars in revenue generated РJason has developed a unique hands-on understanding of what makes a small business succeed and fail.

After many years of focusing on highly transactional, product-based businesses and manufacturing, Jason now works for an Atlanta-based digital marketing agency, Swarm, and is working with exciting Fortune 100 clients on large-scale digital strategies and activations connecting the brand, retailer and consumer.

Jason’s goal in his professional career is like many others, to be a catalyst of change and make an impact on an industry. His passion is to evangelize and cultivate the advancement of technology and communication across all platforms we know today.

Personally the goal is simple, be the best husband and father possible and find ways to slow down time to enjoy that which matters most.

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